Multiple HTML Signatures

Signing up for multiple HTML signatures is particularly useful for companies who want all of their employees to have the same email signature. Now, when we mean the same email signature, what we really mean is signatures that have the same format or styling.

How about small differences? What if some of your employees have one phone number, while others have 3? What do we do then? Same questions with fax numbers, or employees that do not have or want to connect via LinkedIn or Twitter, or do not have those accounts? As long as we are keeping the same general email structure, you're OK. For example:
Corporate Email Structure
Your Company  |  Title
email@address    linkedin twitter
T: +1 (xxx) XXX-XXX  C: +1 (xxx) XXX-XXX  F: +1 (xxx) XXX-XXX
Street address    |    City, State, Zip    |    Country
Is the same as
Your Company  |  Title
email@address twitter
T: +1 (xxx) XXX-XXX  C: +1 (xxx) XXX-XXX 
Street address    |    City, State, Zip    |    Country
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Understanding our Pricing
We spend a lot of time issuing the code for the first HTML Signature of a similar format, but second iterations are easier to work with. Here is an example of our price:
Signature QuantityPrice
1 SignatureUSD29.99
2 Signatures USD 39.98 (29.99 + 9.99)
10 SignaturesUSD 119.90 (29.99 + 9 x 9.99)