Low Budget Website Alternatives

If you’re on this site, we’re assuming that you’re on a tight Internet budget. While we may incorporate website creation in the future, here are some great alternatives we’d like you to consider to get your content out there.


You can easily create a LinkedIn company page with most of the details you need.  This is helpful if your business is B2B (Business to Business – you offer services or products to other businesses), rather than B2C.  LinkedIn also has the advantage of letting customers comment on your work, endorse your professionalism, and you can quickly get a following that way.


Facebook pages are great for businesses that deal with end users, or who want to be a vital part of a process.  Before you start a Facebook page, consider the following:

  • Time to dedicate:  If you are not able to dedicate time to respond to user comments, then this may not be the best tool for you.  Facebook users expect an interactive platform, and do not want to be fed information
  • Business Nature:  If your business deals with confidentiality, this may not be a good idea.  Look at all of the shadow work you’ve done for this and this person!  
  • Friending clients: This is probably the most alluring part of a Facebook page, getting as many likes as possible.  We do not believe that this works for everyone.  It’s a great way to let your competitors know who your existing clients are

Please take these points into consideration before launching a Facebook page.

A quick point on becoming a vital part of a process.  This is a classic INTEL strategy, who was the leading processor supplier to computer manufacturers.  They ran advertising campaigns so that customers of DELL, Toshiba, IBM, etc. would demand an INTEL chip in their computer.  If you are a great supplier and an integral part of one of your customers, Facebook can be a good way to get your message out there.


Blog services such as WordPress are increasingly designed as content management systems.  They are mostly free to use unless you need something very customized, and even then, the cost of purchasing a template is much lower than hiring a web designer.  For ease of use, we recommend  WordPress, but Tumblr and Blogger are also strong alternatives.

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