HTML Signature Tweaks

Our HTML Signature Tweaks are great for users who already have a working HTML signature, but want to make sure they will display well across several email clients. This is perhaps our easiest tool to use.
1. Fill in the contact form below

2. Reply to our email
An email is on its way to your inbox as soon as you sign up. Please reply to this email and make sure your HTML signature is visible.
3. Review our audit
After analyzing your signature, we'll send you an audit report with our very own compliance rating.
4. Determine what action to take
Once you receive the audit report, you can choose one of the following:
  • Do nothing: If your HTML signature is perfect, then there's nothing to upgrade. Congratulations!
  • HTML Signature Tweak: This is only upgrading the codeto bring it to cross platform standards. For example, if your signature was not properly displayed on Outlook, we would fix that. However, we will not modify the signature by adding links or images. We only ensure that what you have is working.
  • HTML Signature Upgrade: This means you'd be getting a new HTML Signature.

One of our first customer's story
Philippe first came to us because he had a convention coming up and wanted to upgrade his HTML signature. This would help his new contacts add him to their address books. We first reviewed his email signature and sent him our audit.
Critical Problems
  • Not Outlook compatible If some elements of your signature are not compatible with Outlook, you're going to run into some serious issues. In his case, a lot of his signature depended on popular styling parameters that Outlook does not accept.
An Outlook fault is so severe in the business world that we automatically give a failing grade to signatures that are not Outlook compliant.
Formatting Problems
  • Fonts The original signature had 2 fonts. One for the name and title, and the other for the address and rest of the contact details.
  • LinksThe phone numbers did not have the "call" function enabled for those who would be receiving emails on their smart phone.
  • SizeIt's a very big signature. From top to bottom, it takes 10 lines, not including the image. Those are many lines to add to each email, especially when you consider the chained emails (one reply after the other).
  • Colors:The colors were contrasted enough with the typical "blue" that you could differentiate the links from the rest of the text easily
  • Image:The image was hosted on a server, so it was not showing as an attachment
  • Separators:The constant use of the | separator vs. changing separators
  • Functioning links:The links provided were all working in good condition

When he realized the Outlook mistake, he knew he had to at least take our HTML Signature Tweak package to bring his signature up to speed. He also considered what he could remove and what he could add from his signature and realized that:
  • His website was not important: He specializes in a field where the brands he represents mean much more than his own company. For this reason, he did not have a web marketing budget, and he preferred to remove the website from his signature.
  • His fax had not rung in years, as all of the business is now conducted in emails.
  • Most of his business was done at his customers' offices, so his address did not have to come before his contact details
  • A lot of his customers are overseas and prefer to use Skype, so it would be better to add his information on the signature
This is when he decided to switch from the HTML Signature Tweak package and just get a brand new HTML signature starting from scratch.