How to install an HTML signature in Mountain Lion

Installing a signature in Mountain Lion is a bit trickier than with Lion or Snow Leopard, but it’s still something you can do. You will have to follow these steps very precisely.

  • Go to your Mail Prefences
  • In the Signatures tab, create a new signature by clicking on the + sign
  • Quit Mail. This is very important. Do not simply close it, but really quit the program (CMD+Q)
  • Open Finder, and go to your Library. For this, choose “Go”, and make the Library folder appear by holding the “option” key on your keyboard
  • Go to Library/Mail/V2/MailData/Signatures/ and find the youngest signature (the one that was most recently created)
  • Right click that signature and open it with “Text Edit”. To do this, Open With / Other / select Text Edit

At this point in the tutorial, you’re almost done. You only have a few steps to go, but these are important. Leave Text Edit and the signature file open until I ask you to close the program.

  • You HTML signature is probably in a file that ends with .html. Open that file in your browser, right click anywhere on the screen, and ask to view the source. In Chrome, it is labeled “View Page Source”
  • Select everything (CMD+A) on the page and copy it (CMD + C). Also, have a look at your code, and make note of whether it begins with < div> and ends with < /div>
  • Go back to Text-Edit. Towards the end of all of the code, you should see a portion that looks like < div>Your Name< /div>< div>Your Email< /div>. This is the area where we will have to replace the signature with your code. If you code started with < div> and ended with < /div> (both conditions are required), then you can replace < div>Your Name< /div>< div>Your Email< /div> with your email signature code. Otherwise, only replace the portion of the code that begins with “Your Name” and ends with “Email”. Do not replace the < div> and < /div>
  • Close Text Edit, and get the information of the file you just modified (Right Click, Get Info), and make sure you lock the file. If you do not lock the file, Mail is going to reset the signature, and you will have to start all over again
  • Congratulations, you have a new HTML Signature!

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