How to install a signature in Thunderbird

If your HTML/email signature has images that you do not want passed as attachments, installing a Thunderbird signature is a bit counter-intuitive. Even if you are using remote images and have your HTML file ready, you will need to go through these steps. If you do not, Thunderbird will download your remote images and attach them to your message.

  • Open your .html signature file in your web browser
  • Copy the entire contents of your signature, including images
  • Open Thunderbird
  • Go to “Write Mail” as if you were going to write an email
  • Paste your signature where you would normally write the email. If it does not appear properly, you may have it set to Plain Text. Go to Options/Format/ and select Plain and Rich Text, and copy it again
  • Double click on each image and uncheck the “attach this image” box. Make sure you put a description of your signature in the Alternate text
  • Go to Option/Format/ and select Plain and Rich Text
  • Go to File/Save As/ and save your file as an HTML file
  • Go to your Account Overview window and click “View settings for this account”
  • In the first page, select “Attach the signature from a file” and choose the file you just saved
  • Congratulations, you have a new HTML Signature!

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