About Us

First glimpse at an opportunity

My HTML Signature is the brainchild of everyday executives whose emails were cluttered with poorly designed email signatures. They ranged from clients who would only include their contact information on some of their emails, to those who insisted on attaching their logo onto every email. We had a record holder who attached a logo for each brand they represented (9 brands, 9 attachments per email). Others had signatures that simply did not display well on our clients (Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, iOS, Android).Eventually, we discussed the issue with our customers, friends, family members, colleagues, and started developing signatures here and there.

A second look with the economic crisis

When the economy tanked, many businesses had to tighten their belts. Some individuals even got into business for themselves, and had their ressources tied up in their core activities. We understand that a web strategy does not fit into your core business, but your emails are your main mode of communication. You don’t need a great webpage, but a signature will already put you ahead of the pack.

My HTML Signature was born

We initially researched and put together a list of best best practices, etiquette, and even designing a process to incorporate advertising campaigns in email signatures for ourselves. This included making sure our signatures would display properly across almost every platform. We discovered how different email signatures and web pages were, an often overlooked fact, which enabled our signatures to maintain their appearance no matter where they were read.

We finally launched the website in February 2013, and hope you’ll enjoy working with us.